• MG Donor Account (Month)

With an MG Donor account, you gain special status, both in-game and out of game (including our forums), and enjoy a remarkable feature set not seen in any other L4D2 host.

  • Custom Join Text. When you join, all players will see your custom join message in chat and with a black background pop up bottom-center screen.
  • Start with a throwable. As a donor, you can spawn with a throwable of your choice. You no longer have to compete for a molotov, bile jar, or pipe bomb!
  • Spawn with a melee weapon. You can spawn with a melee weapon (like katana, axe, golf club, baseball bat, etc). You can also buy one free melee weapon per round on demand with the !melee command
  • Chat Donor Prefix. When you type in chat, your messages will have a Donor prefix, letting everyone know you support us! 
  • Character Select Menu (csm). As a donor you can select your character using !csm. You can also set a specific starting character in the Settings section of the Points Reloaded Control Panel.

The custom join text, starting throwable, starting melee and chat donor prefix can all be changed with the !donor command.

You will also gain the Donor status on our forums, granting access to the Donor section and a donor title color on your posts and the chatbox. To request this, contact an admin on the forums with your Steam ID and Order ID.

This product lasts for 1 month.

IMPORTANT NOTE! Having a premium account doesn't exempt you from the rules.

That means an admin can still kick/ban you if you break the rules, or if we get a lot of complaints from other players about your behavior. For a full list of all rules see our Wiki page: https://mgftw.com/wiki/rules/

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MG Donor Account (Month)

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