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Points Reloaded Liquid Enhancer

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If you are level 200, this is the product for you.

To clear up some questions I get asked a lot, here are some finer points.

- YES, you can buy it before level 200 and have it visible by typing !inv in-game.

- NO, that will not make it go to waste. You must activate it at level 200.

- Do not worry about buying this product and it not working. Once you are at level 200, you are frozen (XP-wise,) until you've unlocked the ability to level up. This is what does it.

- If you are level 200 and you don't see any difference after purchasing the Liquid Enhancer product, then the chances are, are that it's sitting in !inv (inventory,) and you simply need to choose the option "activate" when viewing it in !inv in-game.

Buy this. The upgrades/skills in PR-Versus servers are absolutely SICK once you get past 200. Some are just 210-specific.

But, get ready for "Fast Trigger," "Electric Knife," and, for playing PR-VS, the spitter goo. Take some ownership of your games by getting to level 201+ w/ the Liquid Enhancer.
Date Added: 03/26/2012 by Erik Cameron