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Mutation Shield (1 Month)

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Five-star product, bar none.

What was my first reaction when viewing this as a buyable item?

God, $10.00, that's a lot.

No, it's not.

When you are mutated in-game, especially when a Tank is around, you will get a message from Points-Reloaded server:

"A strong bacteria is attacking your body..."

...and, once in that state, if you're lucky enough to survive, or get picked up, chances are, you'll be near-dead (black & white view.)

Note: Someone else who has a group-heal (Moustachio Bless and/or Pure Pray skill) CAN heal you fully... but you can STILL be black & white in that state. ...and die just as easily.

So, clearly, everyone needs a Mutation Shield.

In-game, I have seen many times where I have bailed my own butt out of Smoker's tongues, being Charged, etc., but used up my escape tool (the Knife buff,) and needed to stay alive long enough to be rescued... and... guess what... MUTATION.

However, I had just put my Mutation Shield (1-Month Product) on... and it says the usual message...

"A strong bacteria..."
BUT with...
" are safe."

It literally lets your survive longer and live through scenarios, maps and finales where you normally would have been dead within a minute of mutation, and that's a generous estimate.

Try the product and see the difference.
Date Added: 03/26/2012 by Erik Cameron